Bruce Edward Sherfield is Our Special Guest Playwright with Actors, Rufo Quintavalle and Tori Johnson May 23rd! Monday’s Theme: MISCHIEVOUS

Bruce Edward Sherfield is (in my own words) a brilliant writer, director, actor, voice-over artist, artist and good guy. Most recently known for Detroit: Become Human (2018), Coldhearts: A Poetical (Part One) (2020)  and Black Box (2021), he also co-runs AWOL WRITERS– The Invisible Paris Workshop where he guides, instructs and inspires.  In his own words ””Bruce Edward Sherfield. Unidentified Flying Artist. Faking Over the World. One Mind at a Time. Paris.” We are honored and very pleased to invite Bruce to present to us one of his theatre pieces–Countricide: Dancing in the Purple.(Dramatic reading by Rufo Quintavalle and Tori Johnson)

Rufo Quintavalle was born in London in 1978, studied at Oxford and the University of Iowa and now lives in Paris. He is the author of ten books of poetry, the most recent of which, Shelf, is a line-by-line rewrite of Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself”. His earlier collection, Weather Derivatives, is currently being translated into French and Portuguese. Rufo has taught creative writing at NYU Paris and for many years ran the reading series, “Poets Live”. Rufo is also an actor with experience working in theatre, film and television. He plays the role of Hadrian Bunch in Coldhearts: a poetical, an experimental project mixing poetry and film.Coldhearts is directed by Bruce Edward Sherfield and features many members of the Paris poetry scene. You can currently see Rufo at the cinema in the film Les passagers de la nuit, directed by Mikhaël Hers and starring Charlotte Gainsbourg and Emmanuelle Béart.–oy9hLbDA

Tori Johnson is an artist who has worked primarily in Sacramento, Minneapolis, and London. She has recently moved to Paris, France in 2021 to pursue acting, directing, and creating!She has always had a passion for creating spaces– spaces that are bold, exciting, unique, open, inclusive, and connected. She started her journey being a part of amazing spaces as an actor at Guthrie’s BFA Actor Training Program and the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre Education Program in London. Then she found a love for creating inventive spaces for the actor to do their best work in directing both theatre and film. Fortunate enough to experience the joys of creating energized spaces in the classroom as a founding member and Program Director of the Northern California School of the Arts, she continued to create spaces for actors, students, teachers, and other creators.

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