Clifton Joseph is Our Special Guest at SpokenWord Paris November 7th! Monday’s Theme: TRAPS

Clifton Joseph is an awardwinning Antiguan born Canadian poet. He was a co-founder of De Dub Poets with Lillian Allen and Devon Haughton, the group that started Canada’s dub poetry movement. An esteemed broadcaster, journalist, writer and musical intervener, Joseph is celebrating the launch of his latest album and book, Shots On Eglinton. Joseph’s work has been included in literary anthologies such as Wheel and Come Again, edited by Kwame Dawes (Gooselane Productions 1988), Walter Rodney: Poetic Tributes by Bruce St John (Bogle-l’Ouverture Press Ltd, 1993), Verbal Rhythms: The Politics of Aesthetics of African Canadian Dub Poetry by Christian Habekost 1993, Dubwise: Reasoning from the Reggae Underground by Klive Walker (Insomniac Press 2005), Black Like Who: Writing in Canada.”

You can find other photos and more info at Clifton’s website

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