Ann Condron is Our Special Guest at SpokenWord Paris December 12th! Monday’s Theme: MIDNIGHT SNACK

Ann Condron, ”The Vagabond Queen”, is a mysterious, hat-wearing Spoken Word Artist and Writer from Dublin, Ireland. Showcasing her work since October 2021, she has since established a name for herself within a creative community in Dublin. Performing at various shows, Vagabond has shared her story at many guest appearances, and has also performed her pieces at Electric Picnic this year. Her work is heavily influenced by the inner and outer journey we encounter through growth and healing, while also encouraging the listener to find strength and light through developing a healthy relationship with the demons and shadows who walk beside us on our paths. Captivating an audience with words and rhymes that delve deep into the conscious of human existence, her writings speak of wrong roads travelled, the power of death and rebirth, and urban esoteric symbolism found in the places she has roamed. The Vagabond Queen also hosts and organizes behind the scenes at one of Dublin’s most beloved cultural nights, The Smithfield Creatives, every Wednesday. With much more to come in 2023, she is enjoying the process of this poetic journey.

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