Beth Jervis and Clementine West are Our Special Guests at SpokenWord Paris, March 27th! Monday’s Theme: DECEPTION

Beth is British and French. She has performed in theatre, film and TV in France and has been the driving force behind artistic endeavors such as the popular Peacock Palace multi-arts events from 2012 to 2015. She is also part of a team-building troop that runs murder-mystery and casino events, and she is called upon by consultants, companies and individuals for teaching, coaching, translation, interpretation and voiceover services. She is a constant learner-explorer and uses her secure professional base to allow her to pick and choose creative projects which inspire her. These have been mainly theatre oriented in recent years. In 2023 you can find her on stage in Paris and other parts of France in the comedy Jusqu’à ce que l’amour nous sépare by Hugo Le Guen, the theatre dance projects  Vi(e,s) and Les Vivants by Clémentine West, and in her own production Metoo?

Clémentine is passionate about acting. Her life would not be complete without it.  Since formal acting training at the Pygmalion studio in Paris, Clémentine has embodied numerous roles on screen and in the theatre. She directed her first theatrical show Vi(e,s) in 2018/19 and has since expanded the project to culminate in a 9 actor chorale piece. She chooses projects which combine heart and social questioning. She also runs physical theatre and improv workshops for adults and performs regularly around France in several comedy plays with the Montpellier based Compagnie très très drole.

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