Robert ‘Rabbie’ Thorne is Our Special Guest at SpokenWord Paris, April 24th! Monday’s Theme: UPSIDE DOWN

Rabbie Thorne is a 21-year-old writer and poet from a small village in the Scottish Highlands. His first time performing spoken-word was with SpokenWord Paris last October and he has been a regular at SWP since. While attending our weekly open mics, Rabbie’s literary career has blossomed. He has written articles for several Scottish newspapers, published reflective pieces in zines and art collectives, and recently sold his first short story to Extra Teeth, a literary journal based in Edinburgh. He continues to write original poems on a regular basis inspired by our weekly themes. Between his full-time studies and part-time work, Rabbie is redrafting his debut novel: a roman à clef and coming-of-age story set in Inverness. His work draws from his interests in Scottish and Gaelic culture, his rural upbringing, and the influence of his favourite authors: Norman MacCaig, Lewis Grassic Gibbon, and Nan Shepherd. On returning to Scotland to complete his degree, he plans to attend open mics in and around Edinburgh. So, if you’re visiting and in need of a guide (or someone to share a dram of whisky), don’t hesitate to drop him a line! You can find most of his work and contact details @r.w.thorne on Instagram.

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