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Who Are You?

By Suzanne Allen If you want to change your name, you haveto change your friends too. People who know you,see you, need you to be one thing, have a hard timecalling you another. They need somethingto hold onto, something to … Continue reading

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Report from Le Grand SpokenWord d'Été 26th July 2010

I write this from the depths of my hangover & while listening to George Orwell Down and Out in Paris and London. The place got packed after a while and the temperature soared. (Temperature being last night’s theme.) So. The … Continue reading

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Personne ne me voit Je suis une souris ordinaire Une simple mouche Un demi bouton de porte Un ancien programme punaisé au mur Un verre vide Une plante un peu fanée Un coussin égaré sous le canapé Un rire inachevé … Continue reading

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Extracts from Monday 15/03/2010

The Theme was Bread, Pain… aka… Money, Argent….. Maxime Daer: Long-questing for the Holy Grail,Let me now end my searchOn knees before you like I’ve notYet ever done in church. Oh let me bow, and raise my headBeneath your skirt … Continue reading

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Interrogation of the Moon

by Antonia Klimenko Where’ve you been?Where’re you going?What are you doing?Who with?How long?What for? He prunes back your favorite rosebush–now a miniature bonsai`This should have been your first clue He plows through you like pulp fiction–the next chapter is PolandThis … Continue reading

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Marianela's poem

Read at SpokenWord 22nd Feb 2010. Marianela came from Venezeula. She was often around Shakespeare & Company when I arrived in Paris in 2003. She had led an unusual life, and told stories from it such as the kidnapping of … Continue reading

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Pia Pandelakis' Can't Hardly Wait (read at "Aging", 22nd Feb 2010)

There are so many perks to aging. I just can’t wait. Being on old lady is going to rock my world. If I don’t die of lung cancer in 20 years, which, let’s face it, is a probability, I will … Continue reading

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Photos + poem from Fear, 04.05.09

Xander as Masked Featured Reader… his story, Another Thing Coming, is currently being considered by a magazine so isn’t yet available. But other pieces of his are accessible through his blog Fear of Bird Flu by Trudie Shannon I … Continue reading

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Le Crabe, écrit par Thérèse et dit le 15 décembre

LE CRABE J’avais 25 ans, ou peut être 26.Je ne portais pas encore de casquette.C’était le printemps, je m’ennuyais.Je suis allé au marché, rue des Moines, dans le 17ème, métro Brochant.A l’étalage d’un poissonnier, j’ai vu un énorme crabe, un … Continue reading

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Report from 15th Dec… "Animals"

We nearly had a brawl. It would’ve been over fast though. A room full of angry poets vs three drunk/stoned guys who were amusing themselves by trying to ruin it for everyone else. Animals, indeed. Jaco persuaded ’em to leave … Continue reading

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