Next Spoken Word: Unspoken Words – at the Bistrot des Artistes

Back in the day this was where we used to do Anglophonics, a music-plus-some-spoken-word open mic night. It was run by Nancy Magarill when I arrived and featured people like David Bowie’s band! That scene was one of the main reasons I stayed in Paris. Now we’re returning to there for a night of Spoken Word. The theme, if you’ve got time to write or dig up some story, poem or song… is Unspoken Words.

Date? Wednesday/mercredi le 16 janvier
When? 9pm. (Get there before 9 for Happy Hour! It ends at 9!)
Where? In the cellar at Bistrot des Artistes, 6, rue des Anglais, 5ème
Mètro? St Michel ou Maubert-Mutualité

Musicians welcome also.
Theme: Unspoken words

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