Spoken Word:Unspoken words

Some mornings I wake up after Spoken Word and wonder what last night was all about. Not this morning – that was exactly what it’s all about! A (smoke-free!) cellar crammed to bursting with enthusiastic people, the distance between readers, performers and audience non-existent, and all that combining to inspire the best out of people when they read. Connor gave his best ever performance of The Unhappy Lover of Snails before announcing that he was gonna read a poem by Yeats. Which he did. Silently. (Someone requested he read a longer one next time.) The theme for the evening being Unspoken Words.
Bruce slammed in with the Supadupa Supermarket, wondered if anyone would make it back alive from aisle 45. Dominic rewrote The Raven (ous) and told the tall tale of Senator Craig, a man made of solid dollar bills and definitely not gay. Xander brought us news that Whatever we are, we are what is missing. http://www.thenervousbreakdown.com/alexander_maksik/2008/01/wherever-you-ar.html
Antonia brought her pirouetting word sculptures, Alixandra sang unspoken words for the first time, as did Erica accompanied by Stefanos on clarinet and Conrad on cello. Denis and Norma gave us a taste of their Sounds in Bloom poetry project, Denis’ sax sometimes recalling Stockhausen. And getting back to the words alone there was a whole host of other poets practicing their poetics. Yeah, that was exactly what these nights are for and if you missed this one, you missed out. A cellar jammed with people who show what can be done with The Power of Words, especially unspoken ones, shaping something out of life of it’s beauty, humour, or harrowing power. And all with the medium of sound. Except Connor’s version of Yeats.

Liked the venue so much we’ll continue there once a month. Good acoustics, cracking atmosphere, cheap beer.
Next Spoken Word 30 jan at l’ogre à plumes.
Theme – Exploring Other Worlds.
Make of that what you will.

Thanks to all who took part. Next time I’ll try and get a set list up of what people’ve read.

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