Lost & Found: mercredi le 2 avril a 21h

Find yourselves o people of The Word, Find yourselves wherever you may be & Walk out of your Lostness through the fertile Void and into

The Ogre à Plumes (49 rue Jean Pierre Timbaud, Métro Parmentier)

where unto you the Truth shall be revealed. All that is lost shall be returned to you!(1) Let me ask you to pause and reflect here, brothers and sisters, as to what it is that you have lost & to what it is that you have found in this city of the end times. This is a night for the reintegration of the disintegrated soul. Mercy on your soul, and if we can’t save the soul we can atleast save the body.(2)
Spoken Words in English or French welcome – your own or somebody else’s.
Songs and music also welcome.
(1) offer does not apply to a) pets b) your virginity c) that thing your grandmother gave you on her deathbed that you promised to be careful with and then took out one night drinking
(2) probably by pickling it in alcohol. But alternatively by just making you have a good time!

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