Lost…? and Found.

Biggest night we’ve done yet! Diane Rebelle sent us off with se perdre… se trouver. Gieno had the packed room laughing with a poème by Paul Foct(?). Robert Teetsov sang his songs about love see http://www.myspace.com/bobteetsov Miranda told us a sinister and grimly real tale of being followed in the street late at night. Mary hit those piano keys and sang. Pol read C’était bien by Robert Nyel. C’était bien, vraiment. All the new French readers picked stuff that really worked even for struggling anglophones and reminded me how good French can be at rhythmic rhyming poetry. Thomas gave us his sonnet, Voice. Bex took us to the Cemetary. And Alexa dedicated kisses to Serge Gainsbourg, Kiss me again she intoned, while floating away on a raft. Grind me like coffee fine, Make me twitch! You sonnuvabitch! Jessie read The Wordsmith, Arlène read Studio/Grape juice about growing up and things lost and missed, like love and being young and first kisses. James gave us an intense and touching Hair of the Dog. Conor defined what it meant to be Lost. And there were so many more! Alixandra sang http://www.myspace.com/alixandratailorsea Ryley read… I’ve only mentioned about half the names!

Thanks to all for coming. If anyone has a blog or myspace or something they want linked to on the Community section of this blog, please let me know.

Next week… train!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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