Report from 5th Jan (Clothes/les vêtements)

Erwan’s next door neighbours think he’s dead. What with the ten milk bottles standing outside his door. He brought us Summer with Monica by Roger McGough. Sally advised wearing underwear under your dress, in extracts from her just finished book! Giéno found it all banal mais fatal… He mused about cannell, vanille, before concluding que c’était bien d’avoir des bobos. Thomas took notes from the mental hospital, counting them in and out, then burst into a rainbow song. Leemore sang Ray Lamontagne’s Jolene and Ode to Divorce by Spektor & did her own poems including Clémence by candlelight. Eric went flirting without any risk of rejection in the year 2018, thanks to the miracle technology of BLOOB. For Pearlie, love is sartorial, something you wear, tailored. She shook off past lovers like changing clothes. Pauline sang Brassens’ fleurs et feuilles… dans l’eau de la clair fontaine. Becky was direct – ”Bring him to me, baby, my sunshine.” Jaco chased le plus beau cul du monde. Corty & Sven took route 66 by way of Germany! Dominic preached from Ecclesiastes. Betty sung a Spanish song and went out box drumming! Seb & Rafaele went acoustic with Roxanne and BABY YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE BABY YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE TO LOVE SOMEBODY TO LOVE SOMEBODY THE WAY I LOVE YOU… I did some stuff about something or someone or other. 😉

Thanks to Leemore who took the notes this report is based on.

Jen K Dick writes:
I wanted to let you know that when I was coming to Spoken Word regularly for awhile, it opened me up to writing about Paris again, and so recently I sent off one of the pieces that I not only wrote after hearing Spoken Worders read about their lives here thus inciting me to reapproach my own and Paris in some odd way, but also a piece that I first read in an earlier version at Spoken Word. And it came out in the Hitotoki Paris project, online, with my crazy pic of woman in gas mask from a vitrine near Le Next, at:
Her own Ivy Writers poetry nights are at Le Next bar, for more info see her amazing listing of literary events in Paris at

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