Report from Body Parts

My head said one thing. My heart another. Read Trudie Shannon’s My head is a chamber of secrets too. Dana sang Go Away George Bush…. the monnnnnnnnnnsterrrrrrr! and Take my body/I don’t want these fallen tears/I’m just a shadow… Gèno spoke of un corps…

Dans les cas graves, les cas désespérés, tout bascule, on éclate, on se démantibule
Un bras là, un autre ailleurs, les jambes qui font le grand écart
ne parlons pas du cœur, traversé de part en part

Susannah gave notice to ”whoever has absconded with my feet, you are urgently requested to return them.” Edward wore his name like a hat, a gift from folks that he never thanked them for. He spoke wise words from which his body parts. I’ve lost my notes on what Erika with a k spoke but it was good. Erica with a c was running up to her human heart. She doesn’t want her love to be a promise so easy, so easy to tear down the middle. Leemore took lessons in painting with George Serat. For he is a boy and he wishes very much to be strong. How to sign your name and make it grow up and out fo the grass. The sky is listening. Xander spoke of desire, between 2 odd ends, Columbus and Broadway, like water evaporating. Scott read e.e.cummings. Colin says he doesn’t want to go to the doctor to be told ”You sir, are a walking genetic disorder.” – Who wants to hear that?! Elena’s grandma knows we must all take our licks. Ellen sang a Darn you! song, from a town you couldn’t spell. All you fancy people, you don’t phase me. Told of a Tall ex-boyfriend. Sally asked Is it for me to muse over? Your eyes and the secrets they unfold. Alice, she sleeps with her legs apart, curves her arms around the air. Jaco had le cerveau inert. Ask the penguin. Rob – Life’s a riot in Sweden. Cut in blue, his sky is righteous. Like a piecrust over the rim of the pan. He’s mellow as a cello. Pauline sang a Mieuxsec song to her own music. Que deviens tes doigts? Que devien ton coeur? Leemore came back with Jitterbug Boy. Saskia found a non-ending conversation, a manipulation of the brain. And Colin took a train to Barnsley.

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