Report from Beginnings and Endings 19.4.10

Photos: Albert, shocked by his own poem, “tombstone obelisk floating out in space…”

Nadia: “Je suis, donc je pense…”

Nicolas: “the end of the world is coming…”

Meredith: “Life a series of fading photographs…”

Chris is presented with his birthday cake. Due to fire regulations he is only allowed 5 candles…

Some notes taken at the scene of the crime:

Keri had a guy handcuffed to a chair in a Tom Chalfont story. Tom was after monkey chowder. Michele sailed a vaginal ferry boat, but the Pope was gonna die. Lynne had two straight sticks of pain and dahlias in a deadly wind. Colin knows that in your room we those things did.
Troy’s moat of fiery anger is melting his fragile fortress. Michel est bleu, comme la planete. Nicolas knows we love them for loving us for loving them for loving us. Gabrielle says “Brooklyn, take me in…” Jason had a song for that unpronounceable volcano. Fidelma was writing a book. Chris brought us the Bible as a book deal. Nadia sang “Je ne veux plus nobody, je suis bien avec me.” Maxx read Byron on speed. Meg resurrected Poe’s Annabel Lee. And Michele came back to see invisible dwarves.

All that and more took place in a packed Cabaret Pop. More next Monday, when the theme will be Being Someone Else…

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