SPOKEN WORD 2011-05-23 after the Rapture.

Photo: poet overcome with emotion when Alberto refuses to allow him to read entire 200 page manuscript:

Report by Alberto

Photos by Adèle (lots more photos here)
Donc we are still here, on the planet, in Belleville. Survivors of the apocalypse gathered at Culture Rapide, as every Monday at 8PM. The next one (apocalypse I mean), according to Isaac Newton’s calculations upon the Book of Daniel, will be on 2060. Meanwhile Suzanne Allen kicks off, Lesley Wasserman:

“Unfortunately your penis fucks like a florescent light

seven espresso seconds

and sadly your marble lips smother mine…”

(I will add here some random photos including an interesting one of Julien and Arash and the grabber… – David)

Bryan (is in the kitchen) King, reads one poems by himself: “I’d like for you to be the dirt behind my ears…” and one by Richard Brautigan: The Pill Versus the Springhill Mine Disaster

When you take your pill

it’s like a mine disaster.

I think of all the people

lost inside


Andrei Ramirez visiting Jim Morrison’s grave: “Doomed to the Library of Sex, there are several poets nailed to the walls… and a few good writers chained together, singing songs…” Sidney, Cecilia Woloch (photo below) with a dirty poem after a period spent in the cleanest Switzerland, she’s running the Paris Poetry Workshop:


Diana Vaden, Claire about the rapture plus London Particular by Tamar Yoseloff, David Barnes: “My head says one thing, my heart another”, Khronos gave me this beautiful book: “Le Poète et le Tsar” by Khronos featuring Puskin:

SERGEI: Pourquoi ne parles-tu plus, mon ame?

LE NOUNOU: Parce que je t’ai perdu mon ange.

Danielle, Alexandra, Emily&Max, Kate introducing Upstairs at Duroc, James, Patrick Hipp to his ex-girlfriend (still a great source of inspiration), Alberto Rigettini in Fuckoffville, Moe Seager, Corey Arterian: “Everybody should masturbate”, Marie singing a song I can’t remember, “On the Dancefloor” by Rihanna according to James (give him credits) or “Don’t stop the music” according to the academia, Hal reading his “The Scavengers”. Part III sees a funny, lonely and vicious Julian Field, D.W. reads from his forthcoming new book (and you will discover his real name):


(Note: I think that may have been him in the first photo on this post — David.)
Helen’s french impro, Chris and friends (photo of Ashley and Chris below)…

…Antoine, Matilde playing Joni Mitchell’s “A Case Of You”, Leeland, Trelys’s report of a wonderful week and ukuleling happy birthday to Suzanne, Kate and Helen, Meghan “I’m not afraid of being afraid”, Nicolas, Zach, Georgina, Tyler’s “Story for George” (As he says: First person to read a sappy poem, a story about adolescent masturbation and have an emotional breakdown on the same stage in the same month). The Last is The Maxx with “From her eyes into horizon”. Ca suffit. See You next tomorrow.

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