SPOKEN WORD 2011-05-30 Hothousing poets

Report by David.
To see all of Adèle’s amazing photos from the night Click here.

Anyway, it was hot. Damn hot and busy, full of poets in the Culture Rapide, the week that Gil Scott Heron died (”A poet who took poetry back to the people.” – Moe) So Deirdre Dore made a snow angel. Julian heard teenage voices that want his blood.

Corinne was the Champion of pigeons. Helen stole smiles, grinning in that sardine way only fish have. The ferrets danced. She kept her feet on the yellow brick road.
Suzanne gestured to the south and west across the water. Born in a blood-soaked hour, small bells sewn into her petticoats. Meghan dreamed in tea-coloured light. A donkey pissed, holding its genitals like a man. Diana V was blotting out the past for a man as black as cold hearted sin. Trelys brought the Happy Committee Report but Sylvian was in prison at St. Lazare. (Yes, I’ve felt like that when I have to catch a train there.)
Mona-Jean gave us a taste of her poetry with sign language. She’s Featured Poet on 6th June. Lesley beguiled admirers with the singing strings, while for Diana R. it was time to be drunk in the shadows of iron, lips wet with poetry. Andrew bought his Raybans from the Devil. Troy had no words, no crumbs. Matt wandered through your body, having been lied to about sex. Hear Matt read “Orexis” here… Podcast hosted by Vlogosophy:
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Photos: Outisde, Sam, Leelan:

Bryan brought revolution in the kitchen. This revolution will be kinetic learning, every child will be ecstatic and the schools filled with what you will. Sunlight snuck through the cracks in Corey’s teeth. Maria blurred. Alberto asked ”Who knows why humans kiss? No other species do.” In the interests of accuracy Emmanuelle would like me to point out the monkeys kiss too. Lucy spoke of the origin of red and stealing books. Digby wandered in a wild and womb-like country. Sounds like a nice place to be.
Zach sang:

distances are closing in on me
If I don’t lift a finger,
how dare you point yours at me?

He was paralysed by possibility.
Mika & friends sang us out at midnight…

RIP Gil Scott Heron. Next SpokenWord on Monday 6th June, we’ll be taking names for the list from 8pm in the bar.
Photo: Closing in on Digby after his 5 minutes runs out..


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