SPOKEN WORD 2011-06-06 After Le Grand Slam

Report by Alberto, this guy:

To see all of Adèle’s amazing photos from the night click here.

After one week of Grand Slam, the World Champion is Quebecoise, the French Champion is Belgian, the National Team Champion is Nantes. The staff of Culture Rapide is exhausted but there’s another packedfullassbusting monday to face for Spoken Word. Mandoline is the first on stage, reading Ted Hughes. Check out her
new workshop and writers retreat:

Suddenly Georgina comes out of the blue with a poem called Sonnet XXIV, in revenge of my jokes about her supposed pregnancy. For the explicit and embarrassing content of the poem I hid it behind this link.

Susana “Esperro” which we can translate with “I’m waiting” but losing the wordplay, J. Huxta, Diana Vaden representing University of California’s workshop in Paris, inviting everybody to their reading at Shakespeare and Company.

Sepidah: God is a man, Mother Nature is a woman. Isabella and Adele were Cindy and Melissa, so-called “friends” (by Isabella Brown) that’s how it ended up:

Melissa: People like her just bring me down. I have to make the break. I can’t have unhappy people around me.

Cindy: There’s nothing left to say. She told me to chill out, so I’m going to get a facial and manicure… and who needs friends like that anyway.

Our featured poet coming from L.A. for the Coupe du Monde du Slam, is Mona Jean, poet & dancer, performing her poems with sign language included.

Trelys Duprè’s weekly report waking up in bed with two beautiful young men we know, who are they?

Ten minutes break for rumours.

Part II. Sam: “…tears made my cheeks sticky”, Zachary and Esmeralda, they wrote the song this morning, From Georgia Li Geration and ∆◊O, improvisational poets, Hal gives up the short story he’s been working on for three years and plays a song. David with his famous “Halitosis of the soul”. Listen to the audio version here:

plus Edgar Allan Poe’s letters. Patrick’s tribute to Moe: “I wanna Jazz on your face”, right after is

Alberto going to a Sperm Bank “Back up, man!”. Tony robbing and rapping, just arrived from L.A and looking for a flat to stay, Julian was screaming I’ve heard him from outside.

Mona Jean also does Circuit Bending with her Husband, if you don’t know what is it, check out here:

French touch: Bastian and Antoine before spilling Peter Brown’s paint, a new Chris Newens’s production

starring Ashley, Hal, Ben and Patrick, Leelan, Andie, Troy, Tyler, (the last 4 were not in the play). Jenny Z. with her celebrated story about diarrhea (I remember she won a Shakespeare and Company competition with that)


Also if you wanna see the dress she was wearing:


For the first time on our stage Bee,

then a Jeremy’s story: “After 15 years of flirting, I winked”

And to remind us Culture Rapide haven’t won the Grand Slam National, neither individual nor for teams, but we are still the best: Bubu closed the night on francais.

Au revoir les gars, au lundi prochain. Bisoux.

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