Spoken Word in Paris May 14 2012!

Report by Alberto.

Photos by Marie De Lutz.
Song to listen to while reading this blog: Sous Le Ciel DeParis.
Spoken Word Paris. Attention please the stage order may change randomly: Jason translating Samarago and organizing the troops for a collective premiere of On the Road. Come with us on Wednesday! Christelle and the words of Sous Le Ciel De Paris. Patrick Cash vs Patrick Kilm. David fishing goldfish at La Defense. Kate’s tattoos, Pablo’s Baudelaire, Sonny Shula’s rolling river, Murder,(comma) Ian, Ashley B. pretending to be the only child.
                                              Najee Omar Lost and Found
                                                  Magda’s flowers
                                                   David F.’s subway adventures
              Moe’s on tour, if you can’t read the flyer in this photo, check our facebook.
                                                          Lewis F. first time
Helen, Patrick and Lizzie and The Salmonella’s connection. Beatrice reading from On The Road, Brian, Georgina’s Daniel and the lions, P-Aik howling Ginsberg, Julie dope and pre-raphaelites: “I forget to ask your name mysterious beauty on the bicycle”. Sophie’s “C’est Le Flirt Infinitesimal”, Andrea playing the piano. Midnight closing with a Broadway classic.
                                                           Camille singing it.
Good night. See you next monday. Same hour. (even b4). Search for David under the top hat.
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