Spoken Word Paris 28/05/2012

Report by Alberto

Photos by Marie De Lutz
Three Rounds, Two Breaks, One birthday, 24 performances, two glasses broken, six songs, one love, sisters, brothers, sweat, swearing, swowing wows. P-Air: we are like the wine we get better with age. David Barnes learned to dance this week, when Jazz is not a noun, it’s a verb. Gabriel & Friends staging Sarah Kane, Pansy Maurer-Alvarez says years can be used like conspirators, Magda’s ten seconds, Billy Youngblood about Danton and Pigeons shitting:
From “Breathe Deep!”
“faster now than we were before
 faster than the limit with elation
 towards home, towards a wedding
 somewhere out there someone is dying
 somewhere ahead there are movies to be seen
           that cannot be unseen”
                                                                         Round II.
Michele Morselli about poets writing in Cafès, buying just one coffee and waiting one hour for the right line. Andrea at the piano. Joy Crane went political on her 20th Birthday (Happy Birthday!), Evan translating Borges, Sonny Sinatra Shula did it his way, Alberto Rigettini’s Paris Highlights: Dealing with the Evil Waiters. (Waiters don’t want to be waiters). Lewis National Geographic’s french flyes fucking on my arm.
Round III.
Lucy Gelman: “a clear and empty birdness of a thing.” Beatrice and the story of Persephone: A Myth of Devotion by Louise Gluck. Marius pleases the audience with a Norvegian Child song to get more applause. I noticed: it works. Helen’s from her laptop. Tino at the piano singing his song about La Gueule De Bois. Translation: The Hangover. La Resaca. I Postumi. Der Kater. Georgina introducing Unstrung Letter N: The Paradoxical Theory of Change by David Barnes. Lucy Hopkins is back: “Dear God, I know a group of people who say they know you but they seem a little bit unstable.” Camille’s last song in Paris. Margaux: “Dit moi Jacques Vous ve souvenez de la derniere fois vous etez heraux?  Hommage a Guy Debord.
Chelsea & Shirley’s everyday life in Paris like “Do you wanna meet Deandre?” And a collective song orchestrated by Betty. Spoken and unspoken words leave the room empty but will gather again
next Monday.
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