Report from 25.06.2012

Report by Alberto.

Sorry for this Report posted late. As you may know Italy lost the Football Euro Cup, the blogger here collapsed four times and needed time to recover. Also as you may know Spoken Word Paris is now twice a month for the whole summer. Flashback: Jane, Doctor Who, Jason: “C’mon it’s just sex.” “Gimme the details!”, yes, give us the details, Sonny Shula, Frank Sinatra, Kate Noakes, Inuits’ Tattoos and our featured poet Griffin Payne, one of the heroes of our 2011/2012 season, performing his greatest hits like the famous: “Put your shoes on, girl.” (something like that?). Wayne “You better get a raincoat, motherXXXXer”, Tania&Amel, Chris&Benjamin in Cowsanova:

Murderrrr, Antonia Klimenko, David and ontological anarchism “Amour Fou is not a social democracy”. Magda on dopamine, Helen Cusack O’Keefe, “Agglomerat des reveurs”, Pablo: “A great stillness will take over”, Lucy, Beatrice, Nicole: “Instant French is better than instant coffee”. Georgina into the wild. Helen’s French Impro, Betty & Thomas closing the night with a gun-song on Camille Pickens’ lyrics. Bang. Bang. Bisoux.

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