Spoken Word Paris Live. July 23. 2012.

Report by AlbertoIzz been a great season of Spoken Word, if you want come and see some of the best moments and the great faces we had, you’re welcome at Marie De Lutz’s Vernissage.

But faces and poems keep on rolling twice a month all along the summer downstairs au Chat Noir. Evan’s opening: “Listen, we are Music”, Daniel-Ryan Spaulding a canadian gay boy learning to hate poor pineapples in French. If you want a preview of his Edimburgh’s show click here. Kate on the famous Kimberly 56 stars. You can still support her kimberlizing yourself right now, on line, with the Kimberlizer.  Chayma Boda and Mona Assayag, Guitar and Cello, Maya Papa: “Poets have a great tradition of  taxidermy.” Helen telling the story of Myra who cooks cakes with salmonella (for some reason). Our Featured Poet: the Palestinian-American poet Hala Alyan, author of ‘Atrium’, by Three Rooms Press:

“You ruin everything. I cannot wear


without seeing cupped palms gathering blood from


like rain. Broken are the cuticle scraps of your


Mediterranean witch. Baby, save your thunder.”

Patrick Cash opening part II, Yann: “I’m writing a blog that will never end called the ultra-bible and it will be written in capital letters”. Alexandre aka The Dream Sailor jumping on benches (while playing the guitar, I mean), Luke reading some very old poems, written three years ago, Asha: “Only the rain is true to itself, falling”. Alberto found one line by Garcia Lorca in a street of prostitutes: “Estrellas no tienen novio / Stars have no boyfriend”. Georgina treating us like clever kids, telling us a fable. And Lucy Gelman, after one great season of poetry at Spoken Word Paris, is going back home “flying out from the bed”. Madga I don’t care what the Bible says, this was a very controversial poem on how to cook pasta, (I beg to differ) Emily’s childhood in Ghana, Talal don’t want to be eclipsed by his sister (Hala), Amelia (She’s leaving too/ we’ll miss you girls), James Jewell for the broke bohemian artists, we are! His bearded face hanging from the Poster:

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