Spoken Word Paris Live: Report from September 10

“Hemingway said: You write drunk, but you edit sober. I guess I’m very lazy.”  Ben

Photos By Viola Manfra. To watch the whole album click here.

A little girl called Rachelle showed up at 8 stating that “Je parle bizarre”, asking why do I do that and what’s this soireè? She signed up and opened the night in Spanish, French, English. Then disappeared. Who is she and where are her parents? Pablo challenged Baudelaire. Kate reading “The Tickle”. Sue finally found her poetry muse. Jeff  “Je me suis engagè / Je suis devenu boucher.” And here Viola run out of battery so we don’t have pictures of the following performers. Accidentally the last one is her smismart Jason, who brought us back in Genova 2001: “Tenente!” “Hold!”. Our Featured Poet Number One: KAT GEORGES poet, playwright, performer, designer, founder and editor of Three Rooms Press. Cassady: If I loved you words wouldn’t come in an easy way. France two songs in one about addiction and innocence: I’ve never felt anything like this pain. Betty hit by a car. Moe jazzing under the rain. Alberto coming back from the southernmost beach in Europe. Our featured Performer Number Two: PEARLANN experimental dancer and coreographer from Pittsburgh: “All movement is dance… and everyone is always dancing”. David Barnes vs Le Parisien. (The Newspaper?) Ben: “Hemingway said: You write drunk but you edit sober. I guess I’m very lazy.” And we closed with our Featured Performer Number Three: PETER CARLAFTES playwright, poet, performer, co-founder and editor of Three Rooms Press reading from his book: Drunkyard Dog, 4 poems about his life in bars. Hey, Spoken Word official magazine submission deadline is getting closer. Chop! Chop! And see you next Monday!


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