Report from 17th Sept 2012 CE

I looked into  Maintenant 6  (amazing quality dada mag from NY) to find out What’s going on in the mind of Bob Hart?  Well, are you sitting comfortably? This is going on: Suzie’s got a squeeze box but Daddy sleeps at night; Georgina’s kids are breaking out of the concentration camp; Helen has a novel about a guy with a low sperm count who talks to his imaginary marriage guidance counsellor – another piece of snooty-arsed trash; Anita has just written a novel in 15 days! Jason borrowed the morphologie of the metamorphosis and Kate’s Circe says ‘Men are pigs – who think they can wrestle nature from rawness.’ A collective ‘awww’ went round the room as Victor sang ‘I don’t have anything to do… but it’s all right – ‘cos I have you.’

Anas told a tale about a donkey that had a hard time being carried and ridden through about 6 villages; Gabrielle played ukelele and cried wet tears on her baby’s shoulder; Mathilde asked ‘Can I find joy in one of your dirty mattresses?’ Amel & Tania harmonised on a Nice Cave song; Mandoline sang Sinead O’Connor’s ‘In this heart.’ What’s with all this singing? We’re gonna have to change our name if this goes on. Beautiful, though. And great to have that alternating with flash fiction by Ime (fishbones) and Lula (the true story of Pandora’s box – it was lined with teeth and she opened it because she was afraid – well, wouldn’t you feel that pull?) Finally Alberto unscrewed our arms and Richard produced some bag poetry from the cold, cruel heart of autumn.

Alberto will be hosting this Monday at SpokenWord, sign up from 8pm as usual. Reckon we’ll probably hit 3 rounds this week.

And next Saturday 29th Sept, dear Spokenworders, there’s the link 3 which promises to be a fantastic event of poetry, music, dance and more in their vintage motorcycle hangar on the East edge of Paris (metro Galieni, line 3). This is in conjunction with 100 thousand poets for change and is dedicated to sparking change in a progressive direction. Theme: Sole Train Souled. More info here.

Cheers all,

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