Spoken Word and Accordion in Paris: Report From October 8

Report by Alberto.

Welcome Ladies and Gentleman, an Accordion is playing,follow its tunes, walk down the steps to the Chat Noir’s Basement: it’s not a Cabaret, an Avantgard Extravaganza, a Fashion Victims Sauna, it’s Spoken Word Paris. Claire is back: A Convent shaped like a necklace.

Julian is back too and he’s reading from “Duster”.Victor singing “I’m a ghost in Pere Lachaise but you won’t see my name on any grave.”. Yann against hipsters (He’s afraid he’s becoming one of them). Pat Cash sleeping in bookshops from Atlantis to Shakespeare and Co. “This for my first paint and my last shot.” Katherine Antoniak about sex without feelings. Moe Seagar’s back from Marocco’s 100000 poets for a change.

Our first Featured reader: Anne-Marie Fyfe reading poems from her Motel/Hotel Series and her new and selected poems collection.

Evan opening part II, Ben featuring DJ Shadow: we are all walking facebook profiles. Iugo leading your body’s guided tours. Meg’s true story on unrequited love. Alberto mingling Petrarchian Sonnet and Shakespirian Sonnet: a Rigettinian Sonnet. Beatrice: Don’t worry about mosquitos, parents, boys. . And our Second Featured Poet and accordeon player: C.L. Dallat reading from The Year of Not Dancing his wonderful poems about busking in the sixties on Blvd S. Germain Paris.

Round Three: Iben: A sonnet about condoms. Alisa’s first time (At Spoken Word I mean): Cheese and false Motivations. Carolyn: Participatory Poem (Up!). Nina read Howl and then flew to Australia. Mathilde: While the last people sit. David Atwool going to Frankfurt, passing through Paris, leaving us lines like these:

Here we make black kites from silk
shed in spring by giant stag beetles –
their old carapaces the size of doors…

Troy York read 4 poems: 1.Beaver tale. 2. Enzo and the candy crook. 3. Vinegar and potatoes chips 4. Whenever I pull it out the juice tastes a little to funky. Georgina send you home with an evil elf smile.

See you next Monday.

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