Report from one of the best SpokenWords ever!

Report from 15th Oct by David.

Round 1

Patrick revisits Bristol for a kiss and a fumble. David (not me!) meets Miles Davis on a bus in Mexico. Alberto asks “Why kiss humans?” Moe Seager bebops till he drops. Sam  noted that absurd idea, “God only listens to America.” “Why would God bless Africa?” he asked. “God wants oil and money, he’s hungry for fuel.”

Suddenly Superman strode through the audience in between acts, apprently looking for the gents. In fact he and Lois Lane are part of a comedy sketch show in English every Wednesday called Theatre Metropole. 

Kate Noakes was our featured reader, with her new book ‘Cape Town.’ She woke up in fairyland in district 6. She spoke about finding your place in the landscape you’re in, preventing mother-child HIV transmission and thoughts and impressions of South Africa:

The desert laughs
with each of its footfalls, each crescent
of sand that banks across the fertile hills,
storming wells, waterholes and gardens with glass.

Round 2

Andrew: “And Man created God…” Terence got wifed up in Brooklyn. Amel sang ‘Wednesday’ by Tori Amos.

Dick discovered sex and toothpaste that tasted like “a vast, excited ocean smashing its salty waves against the shore.” “Why are you brushing your teeth with my vaginal cream?” his lover asked.

Chelsea’s lost girls grew antlers; wore underwear with yellow stars. I want underwear with yellow stars! Victor sang “Say you love me (a little).”Steve Smarthad burning things down deep inside. He became “the guy you had intense conversations with before you went and fucked someone else who was more fun.”

And Julian? He was born to fly with flamingoes.

Round 3

Ameka has always been revolting. Doing the 9 to 5? “No need to wake up – you’re already dead.” He did his extraordinary renditions.

Helen should have been “ocean fingers scrabbling at the skirting boards.” Georgina says all love stories are retroactive. Troy dripped with drops of yesterday’s love-glow. He’s here. With sticky breath.

James’ feet felt so happy he could cry. Mandoline assumed irregular positions. David (me!) had halitosis of the soul. Jason was on 48 hours of non-sleep. He stalked the audience, who would’ve been well-advised to deploy umbrellas. “The fool drops fake phosphorous,” he declared. We nodded, hypnotised.

Next we have two theme nights – if you can dress up or if you can beg, borrow or steal (or write) poems, songs, stories, etc on these themes – you will earn huge amounts of good karma.

29th October – Halloween

5th November – Guy Fawkes’ Night – Allegedly the only man to enter the British parliament with honest intentions, the man who’s face is the Anonymous mask, who very nearly blew up King and Government.

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