Halloween report: While I was killing you I was saying I love you

Report by David. Various videos of witches and others will appear on the facebook page over the next 24 hours, thanks to Valeryia and Amel. Photos by Valeryia.

‘Lucky’ Lucy Hopkins sang Tom Lehrer’s Irish Ballad

About a maid I’ll sing a song,
Sing rickety-tickety-tin,
About a maid I’ll sing a song
Who didn’t have her family long.
Not only did she do them wrong,
She did ev’ryone of them in, them in,
She did ev’ryone of them in.

Her show Le Foulard is on this Saturday and next (see Upcoming page).

The 3 witches of Essex arrived:

Scene One
Enter cackling with designer shopping bags
Witch 1: Where shall we three shop again
At Gucci, Prada or Calvin Klein?
Witch 2: When the Summer sales are on,
When the battle of the brands is won.
All: Fair is fair, let’s dye our hair.
Hover through the Chanel No.5 scented air.

What else happened? Alberto first had the head of a cow then returned in make up and blood: “It’s Alice Cooper!” someone screamed. “That’s ‘cos you’re old,” he retorted.  Backed by Amel on guitar, he then murdered his girlfriend. Thomas spread an American Dream of sugarbombs and Predator Drones loaded with skittles. Kirk was in internet comment forum hell – the internet hasn’t levelled the playing field, it’s napalmed it. Pat Cash had a meditation on fear: Maybe what scares you is that Morissey will go on idiotic things but what scares me is how Uganda is ready to kill its own brethren for their sexuality. He spoke of the necessity of learning how to fight.

Marie had a feral cat violinist. Margaret had sexual tension in the sink; a frisky collander calling, “Lick my holes clean!”  Georgina had a story of the theft of a baby and the macabre sacrifices the mother went through trying to get it back… and some sinister whistling. Amel & Lizzie “I left him screaming.” Anghel, a kind of white haired white bearded living legend on the Paris slam/spoken word scene, sang in Spanish. Mathilde: “When Megan goes tricking the neighbours disappear…”

Lots of other people too and some fine costumes. We hope to have some videos uploaded soon.

Next week Nov 5th: Theme Guy Fawkes Night, so any poems, stories or songs related to this are especially welcome. Featured reader A.F.Harrold. And dub poet Lillian Allen also dropping in to visit. See

Cheers all,
“Life is wasted on the living.”

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