Report from October 22

Report By Alberto.

Clive for the first time at Spoken Word, Kate reading for the fresh crunchy new book Cape Town. Ewan translating from Spanish: Flores Muertas / Dead Flowers. Victor singing about Bobos, Pat Cash’s Eroticon, Gabriel is back and is ready to bleed again.

Antonia Klimenko from Under The Umbrella:

“That your feet dance with mine in Moscow and Vienna
That your poems dance with mine
in and through the streets of Paris!
That your eyes turn like seeds that open into flowers.
That they will continue to turn and to open
beyond this blistering disintegration.”

That’s how we closed part I. Amel opened part II with a sad song. (That’s what she said. I thought it was happy). David about all these writers writing their lives: “Speaking the truth is a revolutionary act.” Pablo, The Master of Haiku. Alberto wants to change lines in his poem “When You sleep and your flower reposes” unfortunately printed in “Strangers in Paris”. Magda from London is missing us. Of course. The Blonde Army: a Blonde dadaist estravaganza including blonde chicks, pubic whigs and vitruvian man. And our featured mini concert: The Residents Cards aka Dana Boulé and Erica Buettner, two American wanderers who met each other at Spoken Word a few years ago. Their new album We Won’t Leave Any Trace was written and recorded over ten months in a tiny Parisian apartment high above the Seine river. Listen here.

Part III. Jade Edwards: This poem is called: Insert Title. Thomas Spencer: “Nonsense Poem about Australian Animals.” Mandoline asking who’s asking. Terrence Doyle: I write essays cause poems are shit. My essays are shit too. The content outraged a front row of moralists who started heckling. James on Nazi Concentration Camps. Troy: I am a donut! Helen’s improvised french lesson. Alex just arrived from Amsterdam: Spoons on the wall. Mademoiselle O’Keefe about her lutemaker, “a middle aged man, who invented facebook too late and has oligozoospermia (a low sperm count).” Georgina, is becoming a tradition, send you home with a gooodnight story (and without her). Next Monday: Special Halloween Spoken Word come dressed up and take scary tales, poems and songs!

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