Spoken Word Paris November 19 Report

Report By Alberto

3 Rounds, 3 Hours, 28 Performers, 2 Birthdays, 10 (surely more) different countries,1 leotard, 1 black eye: It’s Spoken Word Paris on November 19, usual Monday down in The Chat Noir’s Basement. Opening with Kate Noakes, then Tom: The Highway of the traveller, Pat Cash introducing Unstrung Letter Number   Sanja Micolic, Pansy Maurer-Alvarez from her book by Corrupt Press, Jonathan Schiffman: Cough and Palindromes: “Hannah sees Hannah”. Chelsea M: Thanksgiving Nostalgia. Victor’s History De La Chanson Francaise in Alexandrine Meter Vol.1. (Feverishly waiting for Vol.2) And our featured reader, the Poet, Critic, Editor, Kitchen Porter, Journalist and Host of a literary cabaret Ryan Van Winkle visiting us from Edimburgh and presenting his first collection: “Tomorrow we will live here” by Salt Pubishing. He claimed somebody  was masturbating here in the basement during SW and that he’s able to do it on a green blurred movie.

Round Two

Amel singing Falling, Kenza Kenza on fingerprints, Jason translating the untranslatable, Hang on breaking her mama’s heart saying I hate you. Let me rewrite it: Hang: “on breaking her mama’s heart saying I hate you.” Sam: Where’s Tim? Tanya’s birthday! Alberto’s body will darken, whiten, grow cold and dry. Strangely, busking all around the world, with accordeon and leotard and writing a song with all the insults he gets. David Barnes accusing Troy’s of blackeyeing him. Troy explaining why. Georgina and Mandoline in a Chris Newens’ play.

Round Three

Kirk on Starwars Geeks, Beatrice and a Greek poem from jail, Helen lists of new French words to learn:







Pomme de terre

Wonder Jenn anthem for Africa, Alex: “Love is a tiredness that sustains”. Oscar: “Nietzsche is my co-pilot”. I don’t remember if he said that or it was written on his T-shirt. Lauren turning 21 for the second time. And Bruce. Countrycide: you may kiss the bride.

And I don’t’ remember who (my stage sheet is stained and worn out):

“One dog ago,

one coat ago,

one girl ago,

one week ago. “

Well get the dog, coat and girl and come at Spoken Word next Monday, one week has past already.

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