Report from the launch of The Bastille no.1

TheBastillecoversnipThe Bastille was stormed last night in chaotic and bloody scenes, the King and Queen executed using a cheese grater. Even Alberto, who orchestrated turning hundred-strong Chat Noir crowd into a rabble, did not escape.



Copies of The Bastille are on sale though – for just 10 euros – featuring such writers and poets as were heard last night. All the folowing who read last night are in the magazine: the priapic Pat Cash, the tatooed Kate Noakes, the hermaphroditic James Thompson, Bibi, Emily, the far-and-whee Mandoline, the jazzy-Charlie-Parkering Antonia, the spitting and driven Jason, the bug-bitten Pablo, Helen (who is on the cover of The Bastille) and Mr Fuckoffville himself – Alberto. To read more by them get a copy at the next SpokenWord or email me, David, on db1066 at


But that was only the half of it!

We also had Freejazz dance and poetics from Pearlann, Riva and Anna of The Pillow Project. The second part of Victor’s musical lesson on postwar French chanson. More of Betsy Ma’s forthcoming novel. And much, much more.


Riva & Anna

Pat Cash


Thanks to all who came. See you next week! Report by David. Photos by Stef.


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