Manifesto No.9

SpokenWord: A beatnik poetry night for 21st century Paris

Howl if you like Allen Ginsberg.

Welcome to SpokenWord!
What is SpokenWord?
It’s a cabaret for 21st Century bohemians!
An underground for neo-beatniks!
A node in the matrix of the ever evolving counter-culture!
SpokenWord is for those who reject success, money, fame… because they want something better!
For those who live for art, poetry, books, the road, love, sex, and intensely lived experience!
For those who want to step out of the workaday world, step out of the 21st Century and too-late capitalism, and step into the million possible other worlds!
Clear a space in the attic of your mind.
SpokenWord is about connecting with yourself, to share what you find with others, to create in the between something intangible that could not exist otherwise!

Poetry is the excuse. Sharing souls is the programme.
Tune in. Turn on. And evolve in a shower of poetics.

Stay tuned. More next week on 7th January au Chat Noir.

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