Flashback to 2012: Spoken Word Paris December 17 2012

Report by Alberto. Pictures by Stephanie Hoffman (Whole album here).

Flashback to 2012! For the Last Spoken Word Rumble of The Year, featuring Rachel Rose Reid winner of the UK Young Storyteller of The Year!

Stagesheet2012 rachel rose reid.jepg
I remember 2012, we were so young and naive: Pat Cash, David Barnum, The Tragicoptimist Jason, Christelle, Kate Noakes, Dylan Thomas, Chelsea, Lucy Gelman (Really?) like in the very very good good old times, nonetheless J.D. Ragan was singing “Hard Times come back no more”. Victor was singing Johnny Halliday come back no more, Walter and Thomas like Shakespeare vs Puskin. “This container contains emptyness.” claimed David. Alberto beseeched once again: Please don’t steal a stone from Tuscany (During your Christmas Holiday). Phineas’s Jazz from North Carolina, Vanessa G. (Remember Cigarettes Machines?), Dan singing in the snow, David (which one? The L.A. resident in South Africa). Bruce’s old man abused by the aliens, Sam reading: “Merry Christmas, Pissed Again”. Kia wanted to give this Christmas song as a present for the Family. Spoken Word’s Family please survive the end of the world and come back on January 7 for a new year of loud poetrynezz in tha Bazement!!!

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