Satori in Paris – the theme for Monday’s SpokenWord

“Somewhere during my ten days in Paris (and Brittany) I received an
illumination of some kind that seems to’ve changed me again, towards what I
suppose’ll be my pattern for another seven years or more: in effect, a
satori: the Japanese word for ‘sudden illumination,’ ‘sudden
awakening’ or simply ‘kick in the eye.’” – Jack Kerouac.

The theme is an invitation and off-theme stuff is welcome. Maybe it’ll inspire you. Do with it what you will.

Kerouac was a Breton name and he spoke Joual fluently, a kind of Quebec
French with a heavy accent and words strange to modern Parisians.
Anyone wanna attempt to write or recite something in Joual?

We’re looking for a photographer for SpokenWord:
Unfortunately SpokenWord’s brilliant picture-maker Stef can’t make Monday nights anymore as she has classes. She’s the one who’s done the amazing photos for the last 2 months. So we’re looking for a new photographer. If you’re interested email me at db1066 AT gmail DOT com or call me on 06 26 90 13 26.

Cheers all, David

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