Pirates of the Chat Noir: Report from January 28

Report by Alberto. Pictures by Hal Bergman (Full Album Here)

Theme: Pirates (har har argh!)

On the first ship: Claire, Pablo, Thomas Spencer, David Barnum, Derek Walcott, Gabriel, Natasha. Clearly explicit lyrics and direct talk as proper pirates would do: “You are not dressed like a pirate, you are dressed like a pirate whore. A l’abordage! (Pablo) Hold to everything and pussy (Gabriel). Can you see him wearing nylon pirate bycicle shorts?

On the second carrack: Amel singing Pirate’s songs, Victor singing Gainsbourg’s songs, David Sirois wrote 10 pages about Satori in Paris,  Adia’s “My happy juice dried up”, Melinda played all the characters in her play, Alberto still stuck under a car between a ball and a muffler, Sam reading  “Naming of parts” by Henry Reed (Full Version here), Jonathan stalking a rose seller all around Paris.

On the third galleon: Diego, Jim Morrison, Bruce, Kelly Joy, Pepper Neff, Helen & David. Alex: “You’re a writer. I’m a student. I’m a poet. I’m a poet. I’m a student. There’s so much left to learn.”

Yes, we’re late. In a few days the next report: Spoken Word’s Addictions!

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