Report from February 4: Addictions!

Report by Alberto. Pictures by Julie Zazou. Song to listen while reading this report: Je suis amoureux de Paname *

First round or level of addiction:

Yann: “Worms, slimy little buddhists.” David Sirois inspired by Walt Whitman: “I hear the Bank of America singing.” Diane: “So Sweet”. Gabriel: “Can’t see beyond the lenght of an arm”. Magali: “Cette envie de sauter du 7eme etage”. Moe Seager: “These are the best things I wrote in bars, cause that’s where I was living”. Ready for Jane Augustine, our Featured Poet.

Second Round or level of Addiction

Our 2nd featured poet: Michael Heller. And if I write his name in Wikipedia? Victor, amoureux de Paname in the IX episode of his Brief History of the Postwar French Popular Music (full episode click here), Melissa transformed in Anne Sexton. Thomas: Love Poem for Melissa. Alberto and the neverending story of the 120 toilet paper rolls block. (To be continued). Natascha beating the XXXX out of Star Wars. Kelly reminding us why tonight is about addictions.

Third Round or level of addiction

Amel like Tori Amos: Putting the Damage On. Addicted & Beatriced like never, Cameron: “Why I smoke”. Angela: Maw**. Bruce: “Heather, hot and sweet. I just couldn’t stand her ovation.” Diego and Helen closing in overtime! And next Monday one of the most cherished and lively theme for poets, from love to magazine submissions, get ready for:                                                                    Rejection!

* Slang: Paris.

** Jaw of a voracious animal, especially a carnivore.


Courtesy of Victor.

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