Report from April 22!

Report by Alberto, Pictures by Sabine Dundure (Full Album Here). Song to listen while reading this report: New Order – Blue Monday. Weekly poem: Those Winter Sundays by Robert Hayden, shared by Alex Manthei. Featured artists: Boutefeu. Theme: Strange. Even if many of us thought it was “Guilty Pleasures”.

“because people tell us not to wear short shorts.

because people tell us to get a car.

because people tell us to get a job.”

Why we run. By Evan Knight. (Long hair, left)

outside chat noirCrowd outside Au Chat Noir. A copy of OK among those pretentious intellectuals.

A crowd inside Au Chat Noir. Four Rounds. Three plus the whole waiting list! Round I: Claire, Melinda, Rebecca Larkin, Remi, Claire, Pearlann, Carissa. Round II: Brynn, Kristina, Jeff, Gabriel, Pallavi, Daniel, Boutefeu. Round III: Maryvonne. Liz, Alberto, Daniela, Alex, David Sirois, Ferdinand, Lauren. Round IV: Amel, Troy, Bill, Jennifer, James, Evan, Tom Sawyer, Bruce. Random Highlights:

After Pearlann says: David Says.                                I’m more concerned with the seeds                                                                                             of my orange than you.

I started my rapping career in the sixth grade.         I’m the Mmmmmm and the Ahhhhhh. (And it ended in the sixth grade)

My line will not wait.                                               It’s my first time here. But I’m not nervous. (Last metro or poetry urgency?)

Dinosaurs and Childhood.                                                              Liz lied. She doesn’t read OK. Aahahahahaha! (Creepy laugh with echo)                                   I bought it for her.

22(1)Revolt Revenge Reverse                                       Btch bzzz trsh trsh tdch tdch tbunz tbutbunz. are questioning the laws of our generation

Shining tasty given sacred Monday. See you next Monday. It will be a (guilty) pleasure.

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