Report from May 6: Danger!

Living safely is dangerous.Danger.jepg

David Barnes

Report by Alberto. Pictures by Melissa. Full album here.

Dangerous night dowstairs au Chat Noir with Helene:

“He can’t have blueberries muffins without celebrating.”

Thomas: a poem you read to your lover in the morning         (In Edimburgh).

Yann is swimming among smiling sharks.

Gus is the King of Laughs.




_MG_2478Laughs. Also Blue is in fashion this year.

La Clameur (First Photo) David Barnum: “Living safely is dangerous”. James using a convenient store as TV. Rachelle and this new generation of witches, singing La Sorciére. Bill: “Danger, I’m from New Jersey, I don’t care.” Max at the piano: “I’m titanium”. Gabriel’s outing: “I was a cop. Covered in syrup. (Maple Syrup presumably)”. Alberto dangerous tea bag flying from the 14th floor. Melinda’s on the theme: First time singing in public a song she wrote for her husband called Moments of Our Life and her husband is in the audience. David Sirois with fiery blows of kindness. Ferdinand’s English Lesson number 5: 5 dangerous things to do. Then the names were written into paper scrapes, fell inside the top hat and destiny ruled. Lauren: “Your image still pulses in the dark.” Lucie’s time to speak of the dangers of Decadence. Alex’s birthday: “Rooms are divided by the devices we carry.” Evan’s divine brushstroke. Sam controversial agism. Bruce’s urin. Will’s counting money as a casino counter. Jennifer’s bragging. She’s very proud for having written a Pushkinish Sonnet, but “It’s so unnatural to look at yourself”. And the top hat is empty. (No brain into it). Next Monday’s theme, for some reason I forgot, will be “Givin Birth.” Maybe because in ancient Greek Poetry (Póiesis) means Creation….

_MG_2509 Damn paparazzi they got me!

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