Report from 13.5.13: Giving birth

Alberto's twins

Deborah and Alberto’s non-identical twins, Orlando and Amadeo, were born late on Friday 10th.







Round 1

William Strangmeyer

William Strangmeyer

Gus was born. Melinda gave birth. Devon used to have a demon, feeding on crumbs, beating inside him. Katie knows your bloodshot eyes are art. It pains Clayton to think that he hit her (heroin poem). James’ waters broke in a dream of Britney Spears, when he was twelve. Then he went to the dentist’s. Sophie took the postcards down and turned round the Sun. Pallavi spent a brutal 6 days with her parents. Here au Chat Noir she got a round of applause for only taking 30 minutes to be born. Bill: “Between the see are certain walls, but are men soft and women tough?” He is available for baby boxing lessons – Alberto take note – “Keep that left fist up!”

Round 2


Ferdinand’s clock is ticking

Will: “We are all born once. Dreamers die twice, are laid to rest in broken drawer graves.” Kaisa, Linea and Ellen sang about the rebirth of nature after winter. Jennifer turned a backward thought to hours of greener tears, Max went online dating disastrously. Melissa read one of Rilke’s Letters to a Young Poet advising him how to write, and whether to. For Kristina any wind is fair. Ferdinand presented “How to Learn English with SpokenWord, lesson 6: the Biological Clock.” And I plotted the world as a whodunnit.

Round 3

Julia & Anna

Julia & Anna

Hanniffa asked “Can a poem fight?” The legendary David Sirois read to an Azalia. Sam’s knuckles seized, curled round cold air. Sam’s Dad read next, Daris Kalinksy, planning his own fantasy funeral he found fool’s gold. Yann mapped the social order in post-human neo-Tokyo. I’m not sure what Evan’s poem was about, possibly his metallic shiny clothes: “Threads of brilliance, why do we tarnish?”
And Anna told the story of her mother’s birth in a Russian prison!! “As I look at her I have trouble believing so much life has fit into this one person.”

Turn up tonight despite the rain for another mix of fragments of life, biography and poetic invention, for a night of REVENGE! with another host hosting under the top hat, neither me nor Alberto. Sign up from 7.30pm, poetics begin 8.30pm in the basement.
Cheers all,

Alberto's twins too

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