Report from America

Well, I’m in America and I’m writing the delayed report form last week’s SpokenWord. Later this week I’m going to SpokenWord Pittsburgh, having delivered a top hat and a bell to the host, Pearlann Porter. The first one is this Friday at The Space Upstairs.

The report
Photos by Sabine


Theme was Dying. How do great souls meet the end? Even God when he died was left silly and bitter and vengeful and lame. (Bill). Missy heard the first chainsaw of spring. Val & Ed sang an ember song. Love is like a zombie. (Romi). Ferdinand was very afraid about dying but found a friend to rap about it. David Sirois is an intoxicated wanderer haunted by lilacs, grateful to be in the cemetery.

And 5 members of Pallavi’s family turned up including Suraj Partha who played piano beautifully, sang and will appear in the new Ender’s Game film (!) Link to trailer below, thanks Pallavi.

Round Two. Pallavi had a story of psychosis. Will took a trip to the cemetery on a date. Melissa only wants you for your grand piano. Victor found that hideous discoveries and monstrous crimes always happen at Christmas time. James had drones, drones, drones pissing in their own nan’s urn. Max studied the way his dad has meltdowns in French cafes and did a poem in the style of James Bird. Bruce rioted.


Round Three. What would you say at my funeral? (Sophie, listening to your tiresome belief in fate, true love & swing dancing.) God crash-landed n a hot tub in Vatican City. (Yann; travelling at exactly this level of drunk.) “Don’t go out with poets,” warned Liz. “They’ll romanticise the idea of you dying.”


Nea likes marzipan. Alberto discussed cosmic relativism and flushing someone’s ashes down the toilet. Hanniffa breathed profanity and poison. But Rebecca? Rebecca feels she attracts death…

Tonight’s theme: Rhymes.
Alberto under the hat.
See you at SpokenWord Pittsburgh on Friday.
I’ll levae the final comment to Melissa.
Cheers all,

We were nothing but lust filled animals
gift wrapped in expensive fabric,
and united as outliers
who had no idea where the fuck the road was leading to,
because we’d been running too fast to catch the signs.


2 3 18 22 23

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  1. Pallavi Kidambi says:

    Just a correction, my nephew’s name is Suraj Partha. Here’s the trailer

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