Report from May 27: Body Parts!

Report by Alberto. Pictures by Sabine Dundure. Full Album Here!

22. Bodyparts. Victor.who

Sweaty body parts exposed in the Chat Noir’s underground sauna. Amel with her acid tongue. Devon with several pairs of wings, 1 penis, 1 vagina. Francesca’s penis. Alex: it is. Jenn’s how to paint a painter. Lars, Yann, Romi (This poem is about a man which is a lot of body parts). And our Featured Poet from Brooklyn: Margot Farrington.

36 Bright red HanniffaRachelle “Le Coucou”. Hanniffa growing lips, breasts and hips. Victor’s singing about hands and love. Gabriel, Pallavi in the Swedish Quartet, James (I’m sorry for thinking about killing you during the forecast). Max at the airport and a kiss, two months ago. Liz please don’t clap, but buy my book. Without hands. Melinda story of a face. (No. Yeah. This time she kept her clothes on).

Hands deep down the bottomless top hat. Evan’s stardust, Maryvonne’s really erotic poem: to be between you and a tree. David Sirois’s poem about lonelyness and flowers. (But there must be body parts in it, cause it’s written by a human) Sophie to David (which one?) “We both puked red wine”, Wills magnificent 6, Sairey, Zahir Hussaih, Alberto, Caitilin. Katrina making all of us feel special. “Railways are like scars on the skin of the earth.” Thank you for keep it real. I don’t know how to put it. Next Monday the theme is: Dying.

39. KajsaP.S. Don’t look for this foulard and red lips at Spoken Word Paris for a while. Kajsa is leaving us for Tanzania. (And Elsa will join her soon). Farewell Swedish Girls.

We’ll miss you. But do send us sunny postcards.

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