The Montmartre Dionysia is looking for playwrights!

(Albert says the deadline for sending in a script is this Friday, I believe — David)

What is it: A night of locally-sourced plays which you get to write, direct,
and act in. In the ancient Greek tradition, it’ll even be a competition
with a prize for the winner.

Structure: Four 15 minute plays with an intermission in the middle. There’s
a theme, but each of the plays will be in a different genre.

In between the first and second play, as well as in between the third and
fourth, we’ll go all modern and have commercials, that is little plays that
last no longer than one minute. That could even be a song, or a dance…

After the plays: party!

Theme: “Against our will, comes wisdom”

When is it: Saturday the 30th of November, 9 pm.

I want in!: That’s the spirit. Send Albert an email at
and let him know what you’d like to do.

In a break from tradition, writers are the real bosses in this game. But you
can of course find yourself a director, who’ll handle actors and the such
(bloody actors!).

If you want to write a 15 minute play, tell us in what genre.

If you want to put together a commercial, just let us know an approximate

Boom. That simple.

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