SpokenWord 28.10.13 – Grand Guignol

Report by David, with aid from Melissa’s notes. Photos by Sabine.

Bob Hill was going grey from the neck up. Gaelle Molly (keyboard) sang the solution to you. Evan’s familiar ligtening filled his every molecule… he was a drop of ink in an unused pen. Godefroy was a mute child in grown-up clothes. Kevin’s horse-rider girlfriend stole the show. Antonia described when Death was a little boy. John conducted the audience – FACT! Featured reader Pansy Maurer-Alvarez (of Poets Live) danced with her shadow, wanted their first words back. (From her book “When the body says it’s leaving.”)

Dareka hailed the great ball of fire. Alberto was slapped repeatedly with a lobster. Gabriel’s flesh moved. Jerry Flemming recorded a spike in those who take themselves out of the world. Victor lingered on Lu Read’s pale blue eyes, calypso style. David Kerridge found a good wall for shooting people against. Pansy returned to take the treacle tart test.

Melissa was under the hat for Round Three. Sarah-the-heckler saw an audience of lambs. Felix wandered in the desert. Troy washed us with red liquor. Stephanie informed friends of changes in time. J.D. cast a cold winter shadow on the ground. David Sirois, prince of pigeons, recounted the greatest horror poem of the Twentieth Century – “The Tasteland.” Irina knew that story, but not the full text.

See you tomorrow at the Chat Noir for the 1980s. Following themes: mirrors, plastic, myths.
Cheers all,

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