Spoken Word Paris November 18: Plastic!

November 18 au Chat Noir. The Theme: Plastic. Our featured reader Robert Priest known also as “Dr Poetry” from his pile of ten books of poetry, two children’s novels, 3 children’s albums, 4 CDs of songs and poems sold everything and delighted the audience with a top class performance and wise aphorisms like: “Gravity forever!”. But it was a whole night of special guests: Vincent Bricks, Kathleen Spivack, The Wickedly Sisters! Plus Antonia Klimenko, Ferdinand, David Barnes, Chiara, Beatrice & John Dos Passos, Nina (& Evan at the Saxophone), Ret, Bibi Jacob, Yann, Felix, Hannah, Bruce, David Sirois, Carol, Ann and three heartbreaking songs by Jeanne, J.D and Flora. Here you have a photo-report of the night by Sabine Dundure. But watch the full album here.  Stay tuned, get faboulous and prepare yourself for next Monday theme: Myths!

Beatrice                                                                                                                                             John

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