Kind reminder: Open Secret, this Wed., “Perform the experiment!” with special guest star Ryan Galer.

“Halloo!”  Got that from Winnie the Pooh. . .This is just to say that I believe you’d love to see our featured human at this Wednesday’s Open Secret, the Other open mic of SpokenWord Paris.  I am required by local laws, & Interpol, to capitalize the word ‘Other,’ to warn you about the CrazyFunny (“C’est dingue!”) shenanigans of Ryan Galer, performer extraordinary, who gets weirder & better & more intriguing each week.  Details, links & video below.  Oh, & my general blah-blah-blah! 🙂

David 2


David Leo Anti-Hero Pseudo-Impresario Oreos-Are-So-Last-Millennium Macho Man Sirois here!

“Yes, we can!” That’s what all my friendly, welcoming pharmacists cheer me with whenever I walk in. I’m a frequent flyer. 😉 We is you & me. Yes, we can! The following is a welcoming to Open Secret, a wildly blossoming open mic, under the big, sexy umbrella of SpokenWord Paris, longest-running Anglophone open mic in the Pretty City.

Share your secret heart Wednesdays at Le Bistrot des Artistes in the Latin Quarter, at 6 rue des Anglais, an ecstatic passageway between Boulevard Saint Germain & rue Lagrange, people. . .Metro Maubert-Mutualité (line 10) or Saint-Michel (line 4). 8:30, sign-up is born, 9pm Things begin. Happenings. Look for the nerdy guy in the pirate hat. He’ll hook you up! Anyway.

This week we’ll unveil our most hilarious Open Secret yet! Really. The perfectly scientific topic is: “Perform the experiment!” Our cutting-edge Special Guest, specialer than the mind can grapple with, is Ryan Galer – experimental performance artist (who has clipped his toenails & had his hair cut on stage, I’ll have you know), stand-up comedian (Melting Pot, “Edouardo & Friends” at Culture Rapide, many venues in Berlin…), filmmaker (, & just a generally swell guy. 🙂 He will be presenting the much-anticipated part 2 of his show “Welcome in Putingrad” – see the link here for a tasty part of part 1, where Ryan’s character Russian Man (anyone reminiscing on my hero Andy Kaufman?) invites a pigeon expert onstage (

This week Ryan’s mystery visitor claims to be named Jason Stoneking. He’s actually an author with several books to his credit – whether you believe that’s his real name or not! It’s pretty fancy.

Who knows what secret stunts Ryan will pull! His experiments evolve with every performance. . .& you? Are you ready to rawk? Ya feelin’ experimental? Do what you’ve always dreamed of…“Perform the experiment!”

Wednesday evenings. Le Bistrot des Artistes. Latin Quarter – “Vox populi, vox dei.” “The voice of the people is the voice of God.” The people have spoken: 60-some-odd peeps came out last week to see Stephanie Papa, who reigned as queen of inventive verse, & also to perform their hearts out with their own (or others’) poetry, prose, frozen noses, comedy, performance art, sacred rituals involving philosophy & the burning of hair (seriously), voice, guitar, oh, & a lot more voice & guitar. See you at the Bistrot!

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