Kindly reminder: Open Secret, tonight at Le Bistrot des Artistes, “Risk it!” with La Copine de Ferdinand!

“Risk it!” is tonight’s topic at Open Secret, the open-eyed, open-eared open mic for performers of every ilk (yes, I feel ilky today, sayeth David Leo), at Le Bistrot des Artistes in the Latin Quarter, where “Amor vincit omnia,” precisely at 6 rue des Anglais (a pale, skinny passageway that pokes Boulevard Saint Germain on one side & rue Lagrange on the other).  At 8:30 rolling sign-up sparks up, & at 9 the conflagration (congregation?) of creativity begins, down in the cool stone “cave.”

We are all quite fortunate to have a particular professional mystery woman presenting her featured performance tonight, in the character of La Copine de Ferdinand.  You may have seen a 5-minute teaser of this act at SpokenWord (our Mother Ship), or at Edouardo & Friends – involving odd props such as a fish bowl & a roll of toilet paper.  Whether you have had a glimpse or not, it is worth a goooood long look at our special guest: a full-time actress, performance artist & comedian.  Unforgettable!

La Copine de Ferdinand takes countless artistic risks, like Walt Whitman when he almost wrote “I Hear the Bank of America Singing,” saying so subversively: “I will go down to my bank by the river, & make myself undisguised & naked – I am mad to be in contact with my cash, it is for my fingers forever, so youthful & crisp I could request a red wine vinaigrette to sprinkle upon it!”

Come, make a leap, take a risk!  If you wish.  I will preach what I practice in the park around my corner – my newest, bestest song, “City With No Moon.”  I’ll leave you with a lyric…


When will I see whom I wish

in the glass?

The past gets better always

but I fly forward fast.

You come at this time when

I look for the Sound

that holds every language –

all tones can be found.

I saw you on the cusp of

sleep into dream.

Wanted to speak –

don’t know what I mean.

You were wearing white light like

hypnotic perfume –

& I’d like to see you

in this city with no moon.

See you,


About David Leo Sirois

Poet, translator, singer/songwriter, actor, dancer, seeker... YouTube channel ~ SoundCloud ~
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