Jamika Ajalon – Guest poet Monday 7th March at SpokenWord

Jamika Ajalon is the guest poet next week – and the theme will be REFUGE/REFUGEES.


JamikaA disciple of the creative, Jamika is as an inter-disciplinary artist who works with different
mediums independently, but also in  multiple  fusions- incorporating written and spoken text, sound/music, and visuals.   A nomad, she grew up in America but has lived for years in Europe, including England, and  France.   During  travels (including countries in Africa) she has met and collaborated with  other artists, academics,  who who challenge ‘frontiers’  (external borders as well as internalised)  and are planting seeds.  A science fiction nerd, Jamika has always looked at ‘space’ as a place to realise and talk about possible futures.  Her publications and performances have been diverse. They include a series of audio-visual anti-lectures which explore memory, and nomadic subjectivity through a “afro-futurist lens.   As she roams, she has had the  good fortune to perform, record, tour , publish and exhibit/screen her work  in Vienna London,  Berlin, South Africa, Senegal,  Kampala, Paris… New project—Jamika & the argonauts…  taking sonic slam into the rhelm of blues flavoured rock, trip hop, electrified.  She will be performing at the  Au Chat Noir on the  25th of March.



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