Kind reminder: Open Secret 2nite with comedian/poet Rebecca Larkin!

Yes, this fine evening, the crazyfunny Rebecca Larkin graces our stage! This brilliant Brit is not to be missed. Her bio appears below, after some of my very silly propaganda. (Future features listed at the bottom of this message…)

David Leo Blah-Blah-Blah Sirois sayeth: treat yourself to Open Secret, that infamous, almost-famous open mic, Wednesdays down in the cave @ Le Bistrot des Artistes, 6 rue des Anglais (branching off of Boulevard Saint Germain), in the “Quo vadis, Domine?” quarter. 8:30 in the PM. Metro Maubert-Mutualité (line 10), Saint-Michel (line 4), or by hot air balloon with the Wizard of Oz’ great groovy guidance! 😉

8:30 all-night sign-up blossoms like a crocus in the snows of late winter, & at 9 it gives way to the wild violets of Spring – &, oh yeah, poetry, song, comedy, theater, knitting, public toenail-clipping, gratuitous hair-cutting & more!

“And now for something compleeetely different.” This Wednesday, the theme I satisfyingly microwave-popped is “Choose your parents wisely!”

I like to tease people by asking them, “So, you chose your parents? And your hometown?” Did we? There are some living saints, & some charlatans too (I’ve met several of both species) who say that our souls chose these circumstances before taking birth on Earth. I’m not sure if I believe that, ‘cuz somehow I don’t remember, but I think many of us feel that if we had a choice, we mighta chosen differently. The saints say that we chose as we did so that we would learn exactly what we needed, to proceed toward inner liberation. Believe it or not! I’m still working on that one. I’m just a psychic who works for the police. I actually used to tell people that (it wasn’t true, but I did apply for the job) back when I was weird. 😉

Anyways, here’s Rebecca’s bio:
Rebecca Larkin was born at 1:50 am at some point in the summer of 1991, which probably explains why she always wakes up in the middle of the night when it’s hot. Rebecca has loved France ever since her realisation that health and safety rules here are laxer, and you can therefore slide backwards down the flumes at a waterpark, with your head first and your legs crossed over your chest, and nobody cares or bats an eyelid. It was this experience, and her 48 hour no-sleep-no-food-round trip from London to Paris with a group of Texans, aged 16, which lead Rebecca to come to France to study in 2012. She tried to move back to England but she had been too poisoned against sliced bread and cheddar cheese for this move to be successful. As well as a few thousand hours defending contemporary art and small children from one another, Rebecca has some experience writing poetry, notably her first collection, 1998’s “Green Seas.” Among other works this included ‘The Pink Alien:’ “The Pink Alien loves to bathe in pink and purple bath foam He scrubs and scrubs and then one day He scrubbed his whole nose away” Rebecca writes to try to beat a pathway out of the thorny forest in her mind, and uses humour to remind herself she can peek from the tree-tops sometimes when the woods encroach too much. Rebecca’s parents are both librarians. One of them denies this fact. She looks forward to joining you in a shared twenty minutes which will most likely involve balloons.
So, lower your hot air balloon into Le Bistrot des Artistes Wednesday nights (tonight!), perform if you like, or just listen with both ears – & perhaps we can all choose our parents for our next incarnation! Ha ha! 🙂

Future featured artists:
16th March: Lisa Ducasse
23rd March: Mitko Gogov
30th March: Matty Dowd
6th April: Lucienne McKirdy
13th April: Jason Stoneking
20th April: Adeline Baldacchino (!)



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