Trudie Shannon is our guest poet Monday 9th May

Trudie(Theme – Mother Earth)

I’m Guernsey born and bred, a true islander. I have a strong affinity with and a great love and respect for the sea in all its moods and
colours though the sea of the inner world is more to my liking, I’m no sailor!

I am often inspired, moved, by things I hear about people, their lives etc, and to write about people I encounter day to day but never actually meet. I am inspired by strangers or their shadows.

Trudie's paintingWe are affected by others even though we may never share more than momentary eye contact or hear a voice that detaches itself in a throng of people to imprint itself into our memory.

I am now part of a multi-media art collective in Bretagne, Echos music, painting, poetry.
film/photography. I have been in collaboration with Artist Laurent Bonny  here in Bretagne for eight years writing poems in response to his abstract
canvasses and going on to illustrate those same poems myself in my own
pictorial style. I recently published collection of poetry and painting ‘Beside The

SpokenWord open mic Monday 9th May au Chat Noir, 76 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, 75011, metro Parmentier. Sign up from 8pm, poetics start underground from 9pm.

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