Monday May 16th, SpokenWord presents Helen O’Keeffe and Antony Apostolov in ‘Holey Tuscany’

Holey Tuscany is a brief maritime tragedy about mammalian existential angst, the trials of conjoined siblingship, and ecumenical questions regarding uncomfortable rocks. It was first performed in March 2016 at The Loft Sessions, coordinated by Peter Deaves.
Helen Cusack O’Keeffe is a writer and translator based in Paris. Her fiction publications can be found in the Bastille, Strangers in Paris (Tightrope Press), the 21st Century Bestiary (Stoneskin Press) and Paris Lit Up magazine. Plays include the bilingual Surrealist extravaganza: Napoleon, Femme, Rhinocéros and she co-authored The Terrible Mystery of Ophelia Dupont-Cassé with poetic genius Vincent Chabany. Her costume-maker alter ego, PomPom de la Tour Awfful, is currently working on an immersive adaptation of Le Petit Prince with director Simon Hanukai.
Antony Apostolov is an actor, judicial interpreter, and DotA player extraordinaire. His Napoleon performance in Napoleon, Femme, Rhinocéros was awarded Best Actor prize in the Montmartre Dionysia festival of 2014. Other notable roles have included a poetic river monster and a child trafficker.  
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