Mark Norman Harris to Guest at SpokenWord Paris May 1st–Monday’s Theme: The Waiting Room

16602449_1870097669904816_7363330354534792373_oMark Norman Harris is a 29 year old Canadian artist living in Paris.  His work is based in performance, music and writing although he is an avid painter.   He studied religion and semiotics at the University of Toronto. Prior to living in Paris he was in Nepal where he wrote for the Kathmandu Post, and created an artist exchange program that brought artists to rural villages  for workshops and performances.   Mark is currently recording an album with Quvib records in Paris, and is the organizer of the Cabaret Voltaire. His play The Penal Clause, a « hiphopera » satire on freemasonry, was featured and the conceptual theatre festival Fourplay in April of this year.  Most of his work is explores themes of religion, absurdity, politics, and alienation.

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