SpokenWord Paris goes to Brussels: May 4-5-6-7

Paris meets Brussels

Link to Brussels event

An international expedition of poets has been organised to strengthen links with poets in the North in these dark political times… A poet exchange, you might say. The first phase involves 5 of us from SpokenWord Paris travelling to SpeakEasy: Spoken Word Brussels for various diverse events between Thursday 4th May and Sunday 7th.

Later, Brussels poets will travel south to Paris to bring us their news from the North.

The poets we are sending across the border are:

Camille Adnot (France) – Camille’s poems often deal with perception confusions, shapeshifting, and the female body and psyche. She also loves to revisit old myths and to give them a contemporary take.

David Barnes (UK) – a poet whose subjects range from daily life to outer space, alternately poignant and funny, David founded SpokenWord Paris after reading way too much poetry by John Cooper Clarke, Rimbaud, Ginsberg…

Thibaut Narme (France) – France’s first Melunian poet, Thibaut blends the personal with dark social observation. Check out his e-book ”Rap in my poetry – ‘cos white poets are boring”

Alberto Rigettini (Italy) – poet, playwright, screenwriter, freak-show barker, Alberto is the Italian host of  SpokenWord Paris and a Poetry Brothel pimp. Awarded a prize in 2011 for The Lorca in Translation Competition, the Troubadour International Poetry Prize.

Bruce Sherfield (USA) – singer, poet, drmatic monologuist… Bruce’s work is a kaleidoscopic, high energy collision mixing poetry and flash fiction. Also, he is writing a novel set in Brussels.

Camille Adnot

Thibaut Narme

Bruce Sherfield

Alberto Rigettini

David Barnes

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