Richard Earls to Guest at SpokenWord Paris November 13th–Monday’s Theme: The Human Condition

richard grimRichard Earls writes and performs poetry and songs on the UK and Paris spoken word circuit on subjects as diverse as love, war, family, death and desperation on the dance floor. A musician and songwriter for four decades, he was involved in the mid-80s UK jazz/pop scene (CBS LP Compilation, Get Wise and Virgin/Paladin release Pull Me UP). Following his conspicuous lack of success as a pop star, he moved to France to bring up his family with his wife, Deby. Years later, a chance encounter with a homeless GI, begging on Market Street, San Francisco provided what the French call a ‘déclic’ which resulted in a flood of poems and songs which would become his Older Wiser Harder collection. Richard is now a regular at venues such as The Poetry Cafe, Talking Rhythm, Rags and Tatters, Paris Lit Up, Spoken Word Paris, Rhyme and Reason, Listen Softly London and 1000 Monkeys.
Press accolades include: “At Frome, he was bordering a well-received realm inhabited by John Cooper Clarke and those rapid fire vers libre readings that were prevalent in beatnik circles in the late 1950s – early 1960s – but with an in-built element peculiar to himself.” Alan Clayson, music journalist, biographer and musician
“.. Richard could be a more eloquent, grown up and infinitely less annoying Mike Skinner meets a pan european John Cooper Clarke … » Andy von Pip, music journalist, the Von Pip Musical Express
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